You re dating a tumbling tumbling dickweed online dating for teens 13 19

And just when you think you’ve gone too far, layer on one more piece.

So leave the dragons in the dungeon and instead rub some dirt on your face and go as the youngest Stark girl who is a symbol of female strength throughout George R. So lay down a plastic tarp before spattering, work on your Huey Lewis lyrics, and remember to say things like, “What a tumbling, tumbling dickweed.” What you’ll need: -About a gallon of fake blood -A suit covered by a clear raincoat -An axe (of the prop variety, obviously) What began as a feel-better story for her daughter became Swedish author Astrid Lindgren’s greatest claim to fame.

Though Pippi is but 9 years old on paper, her playful manner translates to any age.

What you’ll need: -Bouncy red braids -Mismatched stockings -One ready-made sock monkey Agatha Christie’s beloved Belgian detective appeared in 33 of her novels. The getup is fairly straightforward, though we’ll remind you, it’s all about that stache.

What you’ll need: -Single-breasted overcoat -A bow tie -An Homburg hat -A spyglass -The perfect Poirot mustache Should you have great expectations this Halloween, go with Charles Dickens’s “witch of the place.” The secret to the ideal wealthy spinster?

Throw Coco Chanel’s sage advice to the wind and pile on the satin, lace, and silk.

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