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It's not available in foreign languages and conversations mostly require a friend who speaks Vietnamese.

Prolific German sex tourist writes about his exploits in Vietnam and Cambodia.

A lot of Vietnamese girls won’t sleep with you just for the novelty of sleeping with a foreigner.

Of course, as more and more of westernized culture spreads, I’m finding this is less and less of a case. Let’s talk about the good first: obviously, sex becomes easier the more that women want to give it out quickly.

You can try to get in touch with Vietnamese girls way ahead of your travel to Hanoi, Ho Chi Min City or Vung Tau.

Maybe a good way to score a Saigon escort online or find a free lay with a Vietnamese amateur whore.

Sex in Vietnam doesn’t have to be difficult, but you are playing by a different set of rules than you are in Thailand.

An older website depicting models from Saigon who are marketed for very expensive fees in comparison to what locals and expats pay for services.

Now, the girl who throws her own father and mother under the bus for insisting she be at home by a certain time…get out your watch and start counting backwards from her curfew. Factor in some “cooling off” period at your pad where she can get used to her surroundings before you move forward.No firther information is available, unfortunately. There are good images attached, but faces are blurred for privacy of the providers.The site is recommended on various Vietnamese groups and on international punter nets.Vietnamese women are a bit more traditional in their values, and aren’t as likely to just hop right into bed with you. They seem to hold old-school values like cooking, cleaning, and general homemaking near and dear to their hearts.For this reason, they prefer to seek out men for longer-term engagements.

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