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Teams also have to make good buying decisions, think up incredibly creative designs, and then present and sell them well.

It's really the total art of flipping that they're being judged on.

, host Spencer responded to a question about "the craziest item she's seen flipped," by saying she was once "completely blown away" by contestants who purchased an antique bicycle and completely rehauled it in one day into "the most fabulous tavern table." You have to respect that kind of creativity, even if few people are clamoring to buy a bicycle table. It was so chic, totally unique, and I would've never thought of it," said Spencer.

Well, I say anyone who can transform a bike into a piece of furniture deserves to be on TV.

Here's the premise: two teams of two are given a limited amount of time and 500 bucks to buy three pieces of furniture at a flea market.

We arrived at the workshop at 9 am and worked straight until 9 pm." The third and last day of filming, the "selling day," takes contestants and their wares to the popular New York City flea market, Long Island City Flea & Food, where teams try to lure in big city buyers with deep pockets.As former contestant Sarah Trop wrote on her blog, "They have to stop to have the people selling at the flea sign waivers saying they would be on TV," she explained, "and stop to film from different angles and have us explain why we bought what we did." So while you may see what appears like a heated negotiation on the final cut of the show, it seems that everyone involved already knows that they're going to make the deal in the end.Nowhere in the show does anyone actually say how long they have between buying their raw flea market finds and actually executing their rehabilitations in the workshop.Whoever makes the biggest profit wins a cool 00 prize.provides an excellent opportunity to relax with a glass of wine in your hand, and spend 30 minutes alternately shouting at the TV (and your watching partner) about what you would do differently, or about how awesome something looks.

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If you've seen the show (and I most certainly have), you can tell it usually features a little light-hearted rivalry.

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