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I placed the old lining pieces on the new fabric, cut out the pieces and stitched the way the old lining was.While the lining was out of the basket I gave the basket a coat of white paint and distressed it a little. To go on a picnic you have to have the most important essential, the picnic basket !!I brought the basket down from the attic and started working to make it function again. We all love spending time with family and friends, don’t we? When we decided on what our topic was for this month I knew exactly what I wanted to do. This month we are sharing some cool ideas for outdoor activities, such as picnics and BBQs. I have had this picnic basket for decades, it has been tucked up in the attic for a long time.

We also make clear that Facebook is the corporate entity that provides the Messenger and Instagram services, which now all use the same data policy.

Your experience isn’t changing with any of these products.

Device information: People have asked to see all the information we collect from the devices they use and whether we respect the settings on your mobile device (the short answer: we do).

I also took the extra fabric and stitched up a little scarf. If you like my blog be sure to click on the LIKE button and SHARE it with your friends! I would love for you to be part of my family so sign up to receive my emails.

Every time I post a blog I will send you an update.

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