Updating took over 30 minutes for who is kalel cullen dating

Once the download begins, your system speed and disk drives become a major factor.

Back in 2012 when Riders of Rohan and the Mac Client came out, the base download (which is still the one you get first) was about 12 Gig.

The game content is NOT cached on your ISP's local servers.It is riddled with crashes, error codes, and server timeouts.On top of that the files take an incredibly long amount of time to download, and we are talking a mere 10-16gb.The primary factors impacting download speed are your actual ISP 's download speed; the speed and fragmentation of your disk drive; your basic system speed. ISPs use all kinds of "edge-cache" servers to provide "fast downloads" for commonly accessed materials.This is especially true with things like streaming movies.

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