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“It’s exciting to see black leopards on our cameras — and more research into their melanism is needed, so we can understand why they occur here.” The sightings in arid Laikipia County are particularly significant as black panthers have previously been spotted more commonly in dense forest, where the darker leopards’ camouflage would appear to be most effective.

Black leopards are a result of a genetic mutation called melanism.

Now that I have this (mostly) done, I can work on catching up with software…

A rare black leopard has been captured on camera in Kenya.

Follow-on upgrades will be done by the Polish contractors, retrofitting and shipping the remaining 110 tanks.

The entire work is expected to conclude by the year 2020.

I don’t know if I’ll convert the build notes section, it’s way out of date and I don’t plan to maintain it.It causes the animal’s coat to appear completely black in daytime, though their distinctive pattern is visible in infrared footage. I want to really thank you all for the wonderful experience my family and I had at your Camp Panther af Shivpuri.Well, I finally finished another site overhaul/conversion. I kept the design the same as much as I could (I like it, even though it’s not as modern as some would like). Blog posts are (will be eventually) all converted, but links have all changed (though they are similar).Most page links are the same, unless it ends with “/index”, these just need “index” dropped to work, I may work out some rewrite magic to take care of that.

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I was there with you guys from 14th ~ 17th June 2017 along with my Parents, Parents-in-Law, Maasi, Wife and Son and we all can go on and on raving about the wonderful time we all had at your camp very much in the lap of nature.

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