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Famous writers such as Isaac Babel often wrote about the infamous exploits of Jewish gangsters, thieves and crime lords in the port city.

20th century thuggery made way for sophisticated organized crime when local crime lords began to use the city's sprawling port to their advantage.

It has been said that the accused had met the 20-something girls online and had invited them home.30 year old John Bonavia, a financial advisor from Los Angeles was arrested from his apartment after his neighbor reported after hearing strange sounds from his apartment.

When you have Herpes, HPV, HIV, or another STD, you may feel like you are alone in the world.

In the United States the Odessa mafia is based in the Brighton Beach district of Brooklyn, New York.Heidi Williams claims she wanted to hire Patti to get back into the dating game -- her husband died a few years ago -- but Stanger said she was too old for her clientele.Patti referred Heidi to a friend's dating service -- Pretty People International.From trafficking in arms, Ukrainian crime syndicates entered into the international trade in illegal drugs, becoming a major player in the narcotics traffic from Central Asia to Central Europe.The reach of Ukrainian gangs has become extended, having been reported from Central European countries such as the Czech Republic and Hungary, where they're involved in prostitution, to North American countries and Israel, where they founded a significant power base following the mass immigration of Ukrainian Jews which among the many law-abiding people had also criminal elements profiting from the open borders.

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