Traits of intimidating people

You, as a strong person, cannot stand this kind of behavior.To you, it is important always to understand the others’ points of views as well and discuss it.

Also, listening to others shows respect and empathy, because we all want to hear as well.Because you are willing to meet lots of new people there’s a good chance that you will find your tribe sooner or later, even if it takes time to find friends who are capable of keeping up with your incredible mind.Having a strong personality does not mean being rude, irreverent nor arrogant.People will respect you, because of your personality and behavior, not because you are famous or not.People, who are only after fame, are usually fake and unpleasant in real life and they don’t get far with this way of acting.

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As a strong person, you are not okay with people just complaining, before even trying to get it done.

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