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Lawrence Weathers (1890–1918) was an Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in battle that could be awarded to a member of the Australian armed forces at the time.He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force in early 1916, and joined the 43rd Battalion.Rejoining his unit in December, Weathers fought during the German Spring Offensive, but was gassed in May and did not return to his unit until the following month.

Always on the lookout for all things that will interest and entertain our community. Good afternoon: I am trying to locate my godparents. I would like for someone to please let me know how I go about finding them. Her name is or was Pam Bishop and she came from the Wantage area. S., but I'm searching for information about my great grandmother. She met my grandfather, who was an officer of the U. She stayed in the hospital for the entire 3 months. Visited New Zealand to meet up with them and some have stayed with my Wife and I as well in the UK. Looking for Bruce and Marion Porter who I worked as an au pair for in 1988/89 in Staplefield, West Sussex. They had no children but always had two German Shepherd dogs. 5 years ago, stated they were back in England and building a new home but I can't remember where. His name is Mike Blyth (could be Blythe) He was at The Elms college in September 1970.

At Mont Saint-Quentin, he was recommended for the award of the Victoria Cross based on his actions on 2 September.

He was mortally wounded by a shell on 29 September during the Battle of St Quentin Canal, never having been aware that he was to receive the Victoria Cross.

The process for finding more about your family history or your ancestors is slightly different than searching for someone who is alive. I do this because I like helping people nothing else.

If you’d like to know more about who is in your family or figure out some new details about older generations there’s a host of websites devoted specifically to the subject. I have answered a few post tonight Still hoping to hear from or about a once dear friend - Lesley ROBERTS nee PURCELL - born in 1939 at Hollins Road Oldham or perhaps, from one of her family relatives or friends.

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Over the years I have been able to put many of the hosts and visitors back in touch but I have never been able to re-unite David and Ian. They sold this house 10-15 years ago and moved to Sydney, Australia approx. Marion's date of birth is 3/4/43 and Bruce's is December, I think around 1938. I was at Stoke Polytechnic from September 1970 - July 1972.

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