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The trial products offered on the last page pay this website for orders placed. Some of the products described on this site have terms regarding continued billing after the free trial period ends.This is referred to as negative option, or continuity billing.We then took the Walmart 8-question survey and were finally informed that we were eligible to receive fantastic offers of valuable products if only we paid the shipping.Here is a list of these “valuable products.” (To see screenshots and details of these Clicking OK redirected us to a website called researchcodes-DOT-com.

(= 2-letter country code for Kazakhstan.)If you receive this email its means you are yet to receive your scam victim Compensation Funds.

Except, of course, it’s all fake and simply a malicious trick.

Just because the offer professionally crafted doesn’t make it real.

They’re offering a way to reduce your debt afterall. We looked up the phone number 877-294-5212 and found multiple web sites with complaints posted about this number.

Here are two: How would you feel now about applying for a loan reduction by calling these numbers? We often see lots of online, unsolicited pitches for personal loans, business loans, student loans, etc. Did you see a business name and website in any of these emails that can be verified? Any reference to a brick and mortar business you can walk into or verify? ” It also had links leading back to a URL shortening service, but this one was

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