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"For example, a woman seeking a woman couldn’t go on a date with Lex, who is a man seeking a man." That said, the producer wanted the subjects to keep their options open in terms of smaller differences.

"I learned on many years of unscripted dating is part of being alive on Earth is you think you have a type, and you think you know what you want, but you’re often wrong," Rossiter says.

It’s partly why I’m enthralled by this particular breed of show.

The early-aughts run of mid-tier reality dating staples— (Fox)—exposed me to the genre’s saccharine chaos.

With its choreographed sentimentality and the promise of emotional sabotage, exploits a uniform TV framework but offers a twist.

The conceit of the show tests science against free will.

"Sometimes, I think that people swipe past the best thing out there," she tells Luke.And while the team emphasized diversity, there clearly needed to be compatibility in that respect."Obviously this show doesn’t have interchangeable daters," the producer points out. It’s a social experiment disguised as a dating show. The primary architecture of the show, too, adheres to a simple, if effective formula: throw a group of beautiful, sex-drunk souls into a house, add endless amounts of liquor, stir, and wait for the drama to spill over.

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