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If the author can no longer in good conscience stand behind his books, it’s wise and right to apologize and to let them fade into history.

The dating and courtship movements represented a weird phase in evangelicalism and, as they finally fade, I think we are in a position to speak in much healthier and much more biblical ways about sexuality, about purity, about marriage, and about relationships.

But there are few who go so far as to later disagree with their sum and substance and to pull them from the market altogether.

He says, In his statement, Harris highlights a few flaws he sees in his book and how it’s confused people, hurt people and held back some in fear.

He began to wonder if what he espoused there was wise and, of even greater concern, biblical.

He mapped out a journey or project in which he would listen to people who had been impacted by his work to learn how it had influenced them.

Virgins were pure and those who had lost their virginity (or had it stolen from them) were impure. The old enemy legalism—salvation or sanctification by manmade rules—was not far behind.

In this case, courtship was elevated as the mark of godly people while dating was denounced as the mark of ungodly or apathetic people.

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Instead of reacting in a measured way, we collectively over-react.

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