Teenagers dating older people

Listen to the chorus of complaints about how provocatively teens and tweens are dressed, and you’ll hear at least a few notes of concern that adolescents might be sending the “wrong message” to adult men.

Deborah isn’t the only person who believes that girls might be responsible for seducing adult men.A little Googling led to one website, “The Young Girl Erotic Repository.” It features an archive of stories, most of which feature the same thing: girls 12-16 (or even younger) seducing their uncles, teachers, pastors, and—astonishingly often—their own fathers.These little “nymphets” are invariably the aggressors, hungry for experience.Children and adolescents need the space and the freedom with which to develop their own healthy sexualities, free from the unhelpful encouragement to “be sexy” for others and from the equally toxic pressure to repress all of their desires until marriage.And one key way we help young girls develop a healthy sexuality that is theirs alone is by creating a culture in which they ♦◊♦ Some teens do want, or think they want, sexual attention from older men.

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