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By Kristy Kim (Founder & CEO, Dear Miss J)I never dreamed of running a fashion e-commerce company with four male founding members.​I dated each one very carefully and married all of them. And once we decided to found a company together, it was if we entered into a marriage.It just so happened that way and it has been absolutely amazing. Here’s how I met my co-founders, dated around and ultimately put a proverbial ring on it.I met my co-founders through a friend, a family introduction and at a startup event.When I tell people that I didn’t have to pay any developers to build products because I have technical co-founders, people would say “Oh!You are SO LUCKY.” I’d answer nonchalantly, “Yes, surely I am lucky.”But the truth is, I was looking for technical co-founders for three entire years.

In SF, the top talent developers are always poached by recruiters, or already working on their own ideas.

I had to convince them that I had a cooler idea and that I was the best person to work with to execute the idea.

I feel blessed to have talented, hard-working and cool guys as my co-founders.

I sold them my idea and they became my co-founders. You may work on something together and win a hackathon together, but that doesn’t guarantee that you both will co-found a company together. One of my co-founders decided to work with me after one dinner meeting. All of my co-founders were looking for a new opportunity before I pitched my idea.

Dear Miss J launched its i OS app and website last year.

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Alison Johnston Rue, CEO of Insta Edu, an online tutoring marketplace, "reached out to and had drinks with dozens and dozens of engineers" before she met Joey Shurtleff, who eventually became her technical co-founder.

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