Songs about dating a bad boy

For a casual date, slip into your skinny jeans, a shimmery tank or silky tee and your best leather jacket.

Ankle boots or cowboy boots over the jeans complete the look.

If you like to work out and take care of yourself, then by all means, go for it, that's great.Start with a glistening foundation, blush, eye shadow that complements your eye color and smoky eyeliner, Kim Kardashian style.Add false eyelashes to make your eyes look bigger and wear a deep lip color like mocha or a rich berry color.If you're a teenage boy, you might spend some serious time wondering just what it is that girls want in a boyfriend and a relationship, what's really important to them and what turns them off.If you're one of those guys, check out this list to find out what a girl really wants from you.

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Bad boys are charismatic, confident and mysterious.

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