Shipmates official site and dating show

At Navy military funerals today, taps is played by a military bugler after the firing of three volleys and just before the flag is folded.

The National Ensign The National Ensign plays a very special role in today’s military funeral traditions.

Firing Three Volleys The custom of firing three volleys at funerals comes from an old superstition.

It was once thought that evil spirits escape from the hearts of the deceased, so shots are fired to drive away those evil spirits.

You can easily access your Itinerary, Excursions, Deck Maps and more.

By the time you set sail, you'll definitely know your ship!

Ship Mate’s Cruise Port section offers Tips, Photos, and Reviews for the destinations you’ll be visiting.

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Don't forget to hit the ship horn to annoy co-workers or scare cats.

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