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Contracts for the 57,000 em¬ ployees of CP Rail, Canadian National Railways and small¬ er companies expired in De¬ cember and little progress has been made since then in negotiations. LIST PRICE __ 189 95 *129 50 (hr sound approach to r/tta Ufy DEMOS 0KENWOOD LIKE NEW Lint SALE KR 3200 9.95 *265 KR 4200 9.95 $ 322 KR 5200 9.95 $ 389 KR 6200 9.95 $ 442 SENNHEISER HD-414 OPEN AIRE HEADPHONES LIST PRICE. Barry Fockler said: “John was very bitter because he wanted to learn a trade, not learn how to kill people. Sale, each Pacesetter Clearance Fashion-New Oddments Reg. Here’s a wealth of fashion for you at the kind of prices you can appreciate. a limited assort¬ ment of coats, suits, dresses and long gowns in lovely wools, knits, jerseys, silks and acrylic blends. Selection includes sleeveless, short and long sleeve fashions in easy-care fabrics of cotton, poly¬ esters, knits and Arnel jersey. Its chief, John Gelling, re¬ signed May 28, less than a Capital Board Maps * r Land Freeze Formula A draft plan for the safe¬ guarding of farmland in the Capital Region, expected to generate some heated debate over the next 90 days, was disclosed Wednesday bjn the Capital Regional Board.

Union nominee John Weldon of Montreal and company rep¬ resentative S. Dinsdale of Toronto also are submitting separate reports, union sources said. 45 00 98 BSR 810 AUTOMATIC/ MANUAL TURNTABLE Complete with walnut base, tinted dust cover and Shure M91E Cartridge. He wanted to buy him¬ self out of the army for some time before he deserted. Sale, «%ph 5.94 Foundation Garments, Floor of Fashion Bright Loungewear Colorful, Exciting Patio or Lounge Dresses Reg. Smashing full length styles for patio or just lounging at home. With or without sleeves, choose from an array of styles, fabrics and /\qq . The plan is in the form of large-scale maps based on ag¬ riculture department records which show four classes of farmland blocked to urban development, mainly in the Saanich Peninsula.

Weldon’s was presented to the government Wednesday, they added. "That insecurity began to breed a form of paranoia. Thoateaon: I can¬ not control urine when walk¬ ing unless I go at a snail’s paoe. % _^00 List 249.95 179 AUD Speakers— Brand New 0 DYNAMICS ADC220X CARTRIDGE $ ir List .95 . He himself said he was a victim of the army’s advertising cam¬ paign." OF NS — Copyright There will almost certainly be national elections in South Vietnam this year, but they are unlikely to be the kind en¬ visaged in the Paris peace agreements. They will be referred to the municipalities in the region for study between now and Aug.

When you go in a nursing home, you smell the urine, as so many people have this trouble. READINGS Max Comox 68 49 — Prince Georg# 66 42 .0* Salmon Arm •5 46 — K am loop* 78 47 — Whitehorse 65 m .24 Fort St. V4 Seattle 70 54 — Spokane 80 48 — Portland 78 50 — San Francisco 71 52 — Phoenix 107 88 — Las Vegas 107 86 ■mm Honolulu 87 75 Trace ‘Chicago 16 66 — New York 82 68 — Miami 86 75 — TIDIS AT VICTORIA HARBOR St. It was to have been set up within 90 days of the Jan¬ uary cease-fire, but 90 days came and went, and the coun¬ cil has still not materialized. A touch of control with nylon and Spandex to wear over Jt Q A panty hose for day-long comfort. Board members accepted the draft plan, as well as a timetable proposed by chair¬ man Jim Campbell.

(Bladder infection, of course, also is fairly common in women who have not had chil¬ dren, or do not have cys- tocelc I The odor you note in nurs¬ ing homes is not necessarily from the same cause as yours. President Thieu is openly disdainful of the neu¬ tralists, whom he considers as being little more than a dis¬ gruntled rabble, thirsty for power but with very little idea of how they would keep the Communists at bay and run the country. T-shirts, halter tops, tank tops, shorts, dresses and outsize tops, some outsize shorts, too! Sportswear, Floor of Fashion Sale, { each Young Hair Shop, Floor of Faahion A Special Clearance of Pant Coats, Spring Coats, New-Style Coats Spring Coat Clearance Well-tailored wools and polyester blends as well as wool knits. An array of checks, stripes and plains to choose from. Choose your favourite in single or double breasted style, fitted or loose. Victoria, Oak Bay and Es¬ quimau are not included in the maps. Edith Gun¬ ning, meanwhile, pointed to some "glaring errors" in the hastily-prepared maps, which were completed only 45 min¬ utes before the start of Wednesday’s meeting. C O Q U I TLA M — Rich¬ mond’s surging Roadrunners moved into a tie for fourth place in the Pacific Junior "A” Lacrosse League on Wednesday night. — Continuation of match play In Pacific Northwest* Golf Association men’s championship, Uplands Golf Clqb. — Continuation of match play In Pacific Northwest Golf Association women’s championship, Uplands Golf Club. In the National League, Wil¬ lie Stargell hit his 25th homer of the season and the 302nd of his career in Pittsburgh Pirates’ 10-2 romp over San Diego Padres.

The incontinence very often as the consequence of str o k e s , or of general weakness of patients. The Communists, on the other hand, are very keen on the council. Single and double-breasted styles, plus the new wrap-arounds in plains, plaids and dots. Brown, red, blue, green or pink in solid shades as well as two-tone stripes. Greens, blues, navy, yellow multi-colors and white. IMPORT ROOM and TOWN HOUSE Clearance of ^Couture Fashions Foundations To Wear With Summery Fashions Halter-style Bras Reg. She said that after a quick examination, she noticed two or three parcels of land in Saanich marked as "agricul¬ tural" which are already being developed as townhouse sites. In February, the municipal¬ ity considered disbanding the force and hiring the RCMP to police the municipality be¬ cause this would save about ,000 a year. The homer tied Stargell with Bobby Bonds and Darrell Evans for the major^league lead and broke the all-time Pirate record for career home runs set by Ralph Kiner. _ Thompson, w Ik later added three assists, got Shamrocks started by scoring their first two goals, and Kevin Alex¬ ander, who seems more po¬ tent in the WLA than he even is in junior ”B” lacrosse, kept them going and led both clubs with five goals and two as¬ sist*.

tional Academy of, Sciences with the final choice of a route left to Congress which he said would not Tie subject to further review by the courts. A Soviet TU-144 jetliner crashed during a demon¬ stration flight June ? ★ ★ ★ “The leaflet is not inciting troops to desert; it simply gives legal information on how to enter Sweden and apply for asylum on humani¬ tarian grounds," he says. “Our campaign is consis¬ tent with the basic principles laid down after the Nurem¬ berg trials at the end of the Second World War," he says. You can mix and match the fun way from the variety of styles and color com¬ binations. Galbraith described Smith as "an ideal man” to under¬ take the study.

The Minnesotan, joined by 18 other senators, offered the plan as an alternative to a pending bill to grant a right- of-way to a .5 billion trans- Alaskan pipeline to be built by a consortium of major oil companies. at the Paris Air Show, killing 13 peo¬ ple and injuring 28. "Britain then ratified agree¬ ments which stated that a sol¬ dier must follow bis con¬ science first and his superior officer second. He had been in the Royal En¬ gineers for nine years when he deserted, having signed on as a boy soldier a month after his 16th birthday. "Some of us from the police commission went to visit him in Delta ear¬ lier, and we were very impressed with his force.” Smith joined the Delta force 17 years ago and, said tlie mayor, has been its chief "through all its growing pains.” When he joined the force, it had only six men.

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or Minister Pedro Richter or¬ dered chill sauce and other spices eliminated from Peru’s standard daily prinon menus Wednesday because ministry sources said he considers them aphrodisiacs. I The airline contributed a total of $75,000 to the commit- toe, but the chairman of the Airlines — George Spater — ^admitted Friday that $55,000 *jot the funds came from "cor¬ porate sources,” whieh would 'be a violation of the campaign 'financing laws. There was no indication that the exchange of views had brought any closer the formulation of a na¬ tional policy to be followed in this vital environ¬ mental matter. Perhaps the props under Canada’s leaning position are falling, and perhaps it is time to throw caution to the poison-heavy breezes. Why not bolster National Re¬ search Council efforts at sniffing out answers to problems? For British Soldiers in Ireland Desertion Guide Supplied A campaign to inform Brit¬ ish troops about the welcome awaiting them In Sweden if they desert has been taken to Northern Ireland. The Marysville, halted off the northwest Vancouver Is¬ land coast by the destroyer escort HMCS Mac Kenzie, was in poor mechanical condition as the Mac Kenzie escorted her to HMC Dockyard July 1.

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