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Opinion polls or low effort ("does anyone else") type posts are not allowed.• Any links, whether to other subreddits or external websites - including research study requests - must conform to our our link policy.• Absolutely no hate-speak, derogatory or disrespectful comments will be tolerated.This includes sexist and rape jokes.• Comments that objectify people are not allowed.I was also raised Evangelical Christian (no longer part of that) so on top of everything, romance lit was sinful.

I suddenly developed a desire for both giving and receiving, and have learned all sorts of new techniques!

Last year I suddenly realized that my favorite bits in books and movies were the "finally together!

" parts and even sometimes the "falling into bed" parts, and curiosity overrode guilt.

Achievement posts and updates are not allowed - feel free to share these in the Daily Sexual Achievement threads that are provided by the mods.

Fap material or asking for sex stories are not allowed.

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