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In some cases, the small cute ones have been known to bite the hands of birders who try to pick them up (ok, maybe only Doug experienced this). The winds were still horrible, very few birds were around... However, the weather on our departure day was dicey; lots of fog and rain. but when it landed, we hopped aboard THAT plane instead of our later flight to ensure we'd get off the island (no telling if the later flight would make it in or not).of children under 18 are fluent, with variance for the ages in between,” Schreiner explains.Lawrence Island has quite a bit more diversity in this category compared to St. For instance, we saw ARCTIC GROUND SQUIRRELS just about every day along the mountainside.Chubby little things, they would plop there and stare us down, yelping occasionally if they felt threatened: This species is endemic to St.And yes, this is key, we COULD see Russia on clear days! One of the main features of birding in Gambell are the boneyards.In short, these are places where bones and carcasses have been discarded for more than 2000 years!As you can clearly see, I'm WAY backed up with blog content.

When other birders would leave seawatch, I often stayed back and continued scoping and hoping.Lawrence Island (meaning it's found nowhere else on earth). Paul Island has an endemic shrew as well but this is a different kind.Despite a fair bit of looking, this is the only one we saw.It's ok though, we weren't there solely for shorebirds.Besides, we still were around for this Code 3 GRAY-TAILED TATTLER that hung out along the shore of Troutman Lake for a few days: St.

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