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in Earth System Science (2005) from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), USA, working with Dr.In addition, I measured radiocarbon on nonstructural sugars in roots during several growing seasons.The material of choice for radiocarbon dating (given the type of sedimentary material) is terrestrial plant macrofossils, however little abundance of these has made reconstructing the chronology a bit more challenging. Professor Holmes has managed to recover small samples of plant macrofossils that have provided us with a set of good radiocarbon dates along the core and I am currently working on reconstructing the age-depth model in collaboration with my colleague Dr. A few preliminary runs using the program Ox Cal is looking very promising to establish a solid chronology for this core.

The project aims to use radiocarbon measurements as a tool to better understand the cycling of organic pollutants. My field of expertise is in the use of radiocarbon as a tracer of these processes, using carbon fluxes, plant and soil material, soil fractions or compound-specific approaches; 2) Paleoclimate reconstructions of the Holocene and Pleistocene. I apply radiocarbon and stable isotope analysis (carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen) to climate reconstructions and I am also interested in calibrations of radiocarbon dates, including sedimentary deposition age models; 3) Development of methods to improve the precision and accuracy of our measurements as well as to apply innovative approaches using radiocarbon. [email protected] Tel: 44 (0)1355 270027 (direct dial) 44(0)1355 223332 (Reception) I obtained my M. My field work involved the measurement of carbon fluxes (COfrom all these sources, as well as from atmospheric air, for radiocarbon measurement. Susan Trumbore on the use of radiocarbon as a tracer for carbon cycling in a temperate forest.

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In collaboration with Professor Collins’ team, we have measured the radiocarbon content of selected soil samples and standard material (for quality control).

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