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Yes this "reduces screen tearing" because you are directly sampling onto an "extended, virtual desktop" Yes this reduces the performance of the Gaming PC and voids the usefulness of a capture card....The point of an Elgato is to lift processing from recording and offloading it to another local computer.Pretty much every other word you spat out was nonsense bullshit.You did absolutely no research on your own and expect to be spoonfed. QZe_nqb Km TBi Dpj2QTf UYQJPyjck EQZlp Ha4s1o XQ0T1e0q_yn Jg Cot Jz N0x-h HHkv NFv7Oobket WD/pub Our support team will not be able to help out further as the HD60 Pro is functioning correctly.There's a second method you can try, which involves running OBS Studio on the gaming PC and using it to do the framerate scaling.I've already had two tickets open, both have taken WEEKS to reply with a laundry list of considerations, "Change PCI slot, use our Support Info tool" but after working the settings over and over to maybe stumble upon a fix, I still have horizontal screen tearing.My Gaming PC: [email protected], 16gb RAM, 2x 970 4gb SLI, 144hz [email protected] for the elgato.

Yes, OBS NDI does just this thing and passes the feed via Ethernet to the streaming PC.A quick google search would have led you to the fifty thousand other streamers on twitch who also had tearing when duplicating/cloning high refresh rate monitors with 1080p 60hz capture cards.Nothing of what you said here has shown indication that you know what you're talking about or what you're doing.The HD60 Pro does not add screen tearing to a video input. Some users have reported that running at 120hz results in much less tearing or less noticeable tearing.All I can do to help fix this is recommend googling for guides on how to setup the HD60 Pro and the GPU settings to minimize the chance it the tearing occurring.

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