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Designated as an UNESCO World Heritage in 2000, the castle has a unique architectural style that is different from other Japanese castles.

Multi-coloured coral reefs surround most islands especially the well-known diving spots around Miyako and Yaeyama islands.

Okinawa’s vibrant culture can be experienced first-hand by attending the local festivities that are associated with customs and traditions deeply ingrained in the society.

Festivals are held almost every weekend in summer from Hari, a fishermen’s festival with dragon boat races to pray for safe passage and bountiful harvest to local carnivals with passionate Eisa performances.

Check the calendar when you are visiting and participate in a local festival to experience the real Okinawa!

Surrounded by beautiful coastline in the northern part of Okinawa’s mainland, Ocean Expo Park is filled with attractions for a fulfilling day trip.

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Okinawa used to be an independent nation called the Ryukyu Kingdom until it was forcefully annexed by Japan in 1879.

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