Obsessed with internet dating negative reasons for online dating

She loved the attention and felt like she had a thriving social life – even though it was limited to cyber space.The problem with love addicts like Melissa is that their online interactions become a substitute for real life interactions.It didn’t take long for her to get emails from multiple men – something that was very new for her.Suddenly she was spending several hours each night responding to emails and engaging in online chat sessions with various men.

Let’s try to make some sense of the internet dating world by reviewing some big no-nos that everyone should avoid.

Most major dating sites also have mobile apps so you can keep up on the go.

Along with the regular challenges of dating, doing so online adds some unique issues.

It’s easy to get sucked into excitement when you connect with someone who catches your fancy.

But it’s important to remember that someone could easily fake their information.

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Be smart and don’t let yourself get into a bad situation.

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