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As an introvert author, this is one of the questions I get asked most often.Hopeful extroverts (and some daring introverts) email me and lay out all the details of their situation. ”So, to answer this question, here are ten subtle signs that an introvert likes you.We know just a liiiiitle more about you than we reasonably should. We’ve googled your name, found you on Instagram, and checked for mutual friends on Facebook. We might drop your name casually into a conversation with mutual acquaintances and see what information they offer up. We probably have some places that are practically sacred to us, like our favorite hiking trail, a coffee shop where we go to write, or a bookstore that makes us feel like everything is right in the world.We might make a mental note that every Monday you eat lunch in the break room — and surprise, we’re brown-bagging it today, too! We’re often one of the first people to comment on or “like” your social media posts. When we take you to these places, we’re trying to share a little piece of what makes us, well, us.9.Dear Daughter, Here are some things I wanted to share, drawing on my own experience of being one for more than 60 years, about how to get the best from your interactions with the male species.Firstly our biggest “secret.” Boys and men are often not as emotionally strong as they seem. Men are trained to use words as tools to get results, more than as ways to express true feelings.That confident exterior may just be a defense against vulnerability. Only ever do what you’re completely comfortable doing, in or out of bed. Show him what you like physically and emotionally, so that he can be the lover for you that you would like him to be, and that, probably, he would like to be. And don’t be fooled by show-offs or discount the quieter boys — they may love you best and be the most fun to be with.

Depending on their answer, they could be showing you interest in return by obliging you with an answer. Fact is, most girls are too insecure to put themselves out there without knowing that you like them in return.

When we show them to you, know that you are special to us.10. We may push ourselves to do things we normally wouldn’t do — like going to a party or getting lost in a sea of concert-goers at a music festival — if we know you’ll be there.

We may stay up late texting you, even though we know we’ll suffer at work or school tomorrow.

We tell you about that one time in college we swore we’d take to the grave. It’s not much of an exaggeration to say that we let all calls go to voicemail unless we think someone’s in the hospital or the pizza delivery guy is here.

We tell you that we’ve always felt like an alien dropped onto this planet from another world, and do you feel that way too? We’re telling you because we think you’re special — and we want to peek into your inner world, too.2. We needed photos, whereabouts, interests, and that oh-so-important relationship status. If you catch us looking at you more than once, we might be into you.5. If we pick up when you call — or spend hours talking to you on the phone (or Skype) — we’re probably head-over-heels for you.8. Going back to #1, we don’t share our private introvert world with just anyone.

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A letter purportedly written by a man to his son giving advice about how to behave well with his girlfriend (mostly in relation to sex) has been doing the social media rounds lately.

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