My yahoo not updating

It seems that mail is not getting fetched properly from Yahoo server.

But if you go to desktop version there is new email while i Phone not shows up latest emails.

but if it works better on the core basic feature - deliver email reliably/timely.

I have an i Phone 7 Plus running i OS 11.2.2 and Yahoo Mail on the Apple app never wants to update, sometimes it says it’s downloading however many emails but the clock just whirs round and no emails download.

With regard to Safari, it’s clunky both on Wi Fi where ever I am and out and about on cellular, I am using i Phone 7 plus with IOS 11.2.2 as well.

I found out that my MAIL isn't functioning as usual. Wong wrote: I am using i Phone 7 plus with IOS 11.2.2 as well.

The issue is not even reported with latest Apple flagship i Phone X with i OS11.

Take evry single message from 11 / 29 to 11 /30 2011 and either delete it, or move it to another folder.. You can get back to me on this same question, the same way you have been doing..

It typically updates no more than once or twice a day even it is set to fresh in few minutes.

The i Phone says it is downloading eg 15 messages and then nothing loads in yahoo mails.

I can see new email in a Chrome browser that isn’t going to my Apple Mail app on i Phone 6s and i Pod Air 2. New mail does not appear, even when I manually refresh by dragging down (multiple times), but then will appear randomly many hours later.

And messages I’ve deleted will re-appear in my Inbox as new messages.

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