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1990 - 1998Mickey Rourke was married to Carre Otis.

The two were co-stars in the steamy erotic thriller "Wild Orchid," in which many stated that sex scenes between the two were not simulated.

Obviously Rourke likely had one of the best purposes behind getting plastic surgery in Hollywood, and as a male performing artist it can be a hard thing to concede.

At the same time, in the event that he needs to get future plastic surgery, Mickey Rourke ought to know enough to do it right this time.

1980 - 1989Mickey Rourke was married to Debra Feuer.

Rourke was fond of boxing from his early years of adolescence.

From 1964 to 1973 his boxing record was twenty-seven wins and three losses, which certainly assisted his net worth.

Known under his professional name of Mickey Rourke, he has accumulated his net worth from being a boxer, an actor, screenwriter and music supervision. Sources have estimated that Mickey’s net worth which is currently over million dollars, his wealth having been earned from all the above-mentioned activities.

Mickey Rourke’s father, Philip Andre Rourke Sr., was a body builder, and his mother, Annette Cameron, worked as a police officer.

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