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All these questions are answered right here with this piece providing you 10 TIPS FOR DATING A MEXICAN GIRL:1) Learn the Language: First and foremost thing that you will need is the language.3) Know the dating culture: Women in Mexico are traditional and submissive.Treat her with all the affection and respect and she will be highly impressed.Women in Mexico take good care of their bodies and appreciate healthy eating too.6) Add a bit of humor: Crack a joke or two in between the conversation.They look forward to their men and expect their men to be a bit dominating.They expect them to be caring and protective of them.4) Avoid contentious conversations: It’s better not to discuss too much politics, drug culture, violence with the women on a date.

At the time, my country (the Philippines) have adapted a lot of telenovelas from Mexico and I only relied on Thalia’s Fernando Jose as an icon on the undying Maria Mercedes series.

Do not crack jokes that are offensive to your partner be it on body shape, color, race, etc.

Cracking a joke will make the atmosphere light and bring a smile to your faces.7) No unnecessary touch: Like Women everywhere else in the world too, Mexican women prefer men to not touch them unnecessarily.

I mean come on, a good-looking man who can cook while a Mexican song is blaring on the radio sounds like a dream come true. ” Their facial expressions are so real you won’t see any negativity. However, be warned that Mexicans are naturally good at exaggerating the truth but don’t blame them, it’s just part of their funny banter and sense of humor instead of being an attempt to mislead people. It’s especially hilarious when they try to imitate a foreign accent. Though they don’t always agree with the amount of selfies you have on Instagram, they will always say “yes” when you want to take one. Selfies don’t make them feel emasculated and that’s one quality of a real man. And yes, have you read this awesome article about how to take the perfect travel selfie? Which gets me to thinking, if they dated 10 girls, that means they have 10 special girls? Mexicans are so full of love, they are always willing to share it. I’m On My Way where she writes about her long-term travel adventures, volunteering, learning languages and encouraging women to travel solo.

For example, did you know that Raphael is currently traveling in Europe with a second hand Air Force Pilot jacket? Jokes are randomly thrown and it will make you laugh your heart out. Hearing a Mexican trying to speak with an Indian accent is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard. Trisha Velarmino is a road scholar who loves learning languages, burgers, cats, football, hot sauce and coffee.

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