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Report N1 (added on March, 17, 2014) I got contacted by Valentina (Aphrodite) on merry-cherry.Very soon she got really personal, said she was falling in love with me, wanted to go real fast. I got her email address and she sent me messages via email as well, with photo''s of her and her daughter. Via google search I found her on VK I added her as a friend and got her on chat.The next day, I got her on chat again and than she said that she was sorry, she did not recognize me at first and that she wanted to quit the dating site because she was too busy. I contacted merry-cherry to report this abuse and told them she was either lying to me or indeed someone else sent messages in her place.Merry-cherry did not believe me and said she had contacted them that day, before my reporting, to ask her to remove her because of a too busy schedule. They even verify passport information so you know you are dealing with a real live person.Men can contact a lady of their choosing two different ways.Myself I am of Ukrainian and Romanian background living in Canada and I was brought in with a strong influence of the Ukrainian culture, but I have never been to the Ukraine yet but have studied lots on it.

As usual I sign up with spamgourmet addresses there (assuming Confirmed-Opt-In will fail with this spammer) which I create with parts of the formerly advertised URL. What I not (yet) know is if merry-cherry and uadreams might be the same spammer.Interesting always that the first mail after also signing up at merry-cherry is that they confirm the staff has checked my profile, where I did not add any information besides email addresses and the name ‘Test Account’ and approved it. So if you want to contact a large number of ladies, that site would be expensive compared to others, so avoid it.OTOH, if you see a small numbers of ladies (4 or 5) that you think might be a good match for you, go for them. wasted on ladies who don’t answer back should not kill you. …uses all the same loca offices in Ukraine that all the big scam agencies use.Form the comfort of your own home you can have access to some of the most amazing women on the planet.Each woman who has a profile approved for Merry is looking to meet a man and start a new life abroad.

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Many men have been captivated by the kindness and beauty of the women of Russia and Ukraine and this site allows you to browse through thousands of profiles.

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