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As father and son watch a basketball game and drink beers at that bar, Martin confides to Frasier that he just couldn't bring himself to propose to Sherry.

Faye Moskowitz (Amy Brenneman) is a former lawyer turned pastry chef who is a love interest to Frasier during the sixth season.

After Niles runs off with Daphne on the day of her intended wedding to Donny, Mel is humiliated and bitter.

She pays Niles back by refusing to grant an immediate divorce; instead, she forces Niles to play along that the two remain happily married, assuring him that after he has done this on several select social occasions she will file for divorce.

It quickly becomes apparent that she is deliberately prolonging the process while ensuring the maximum public humiliation for Niles.

Thinking Frasier is Jewish because she saw him buying a menorah for his son, Mrs.By the time Faye returns to Seattle towards the end of the season, Frasier was already dating a KACL marketing manager named Cassandra Stone (played by Virginia Madsen).Almost immediately, Frasier finds himself torn between both women, and although Frasier eventually chooses Faye, he constantly calls her Cassandra by mistake.She is fussy, neurotic, and fastidious, much like Niles.Similarly, she's the sort of manipulative, controlling female Niles is attracted to (e.g., Maris).

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