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Additionally, a state-of-the-art algorithm vets every new member and automatically flags fake profiles before they can ever appear on the site.

“That should bring to us more people from the English-speaking countries,” he explained, “and level out our demographics, eventually.” You can search for potential matches by country of origin to locate a date in your area.

“Defending our users against fraud is a battle that will never stop,” Slava said, “and we are very grateful when they pitch in by reporting suspicious users.” Love Awake’s Pinterest page helps raise people’s awareness by sharing online dating statistics and giving safety tips.

Every day, the team uploads examples of fake profile pictures used by scammers on the web.

If you have an international outlook and a romantic heart, Love Awake could be the perfect place to start your journey to that perfect match.

A few years ago, a well-educated and successful American businessman named John lost his wife, whom he dearly loved.

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He didn’t want to spend his golden years on his own, so he sought the services of a global dating agency and website, Love, for help finding love again.

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