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After the first couple of years living in that house, the council suddenly decided to move its quaters from the centre of the district (a few km away from our house) to Carrington Rd.

The council chambers ended up opposite us, across the road.

But when I was talking to a microphone, I had a feeling, that I talk in a vacuum, a dead silence, nobody heard me.

Then I decided to speak the knowledge I got from the books and videos.

She told me, that this was a signal to trap the attention of that Force and to allow it to enter the body through the Energy Lines, that end or originate in the fingertips.

Deep and steep creek was separating these 2 zones, and our house was close to the creek and steep Carrington Rd.

We lived there for almost 20 years and with time the shore was washed away, our house ended up right on the edge of the creek.

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