While the Kerala Government is extremely keen reaching out to homosexual/bisexual men to use them for HIV prevention initiatives, one can clearly notice that there is absolute disregard for their human such, that if they are to make a living, they would have to migrate to other states in India.The media mostly chooses to ignore such issues, preventing them from becoming a matter of public debate.event in Calicut on 13th November 2008, where a large number of sexual minorities will come out in the open and march publicly for the first time to reclaim their rightful space in the society. The word was also found in such websites initially.When sex became so common in the online media, the word Mallu has also become popular.

Choose from 100's of wallpapers the best background image for your mobile phone or desktop. Beautiful Island Home in Kerala : Image by deepapraveen very busy with work.soon via Flickr 42. Sunset at Kerala Backwaters : Image by Nostalgic T Allan via Flickr 48. We have used these images following the Flickr guidelines on photo sharing on blogs. If any of the copyright holders have any objection, please shoot a email to sunu at, I will get the image removed. Now a days, the word Mallu is so common in online media and is used to represent anything related to Kerala or those who speaks Malayalam.Kerala Sex and Malayalam Sex are two major terms where the term Mallu is used with just like Mallu Sex etc.

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