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The ladies and I had a pool party, which was exactly the kickoff I needed.

Who wouldn’t want 15 hot, bikini-clad ladies fighting for their attention?

Unfortunately, though, you won’t get to see the funniest moment from that afternoon.

The Bachelor is one of those shows; watching 20 women compete for the love and (or like or lust) of one single guy.

Jason chose Melissa, or so the audience thought; there love and engagement lasted about 15 minutes in TV time until Jason announced on the after the rose special that he didn’t love Melissa and loved Molly instead.

He then broke up with Melissa on TV and reconnected with Molly, again in a matter of minutes.

We watched over the summer as his heart got broken by Deanna, the bachelorette choosing Jesse over him at her finale.

Fast forward a few months we Jason where Deanna left off choosing between two women; Melissa, the bubbly girl from Texas, and Molly, the more reserved girl from Michigan.

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Author: Allie, Host of Reality Check Radio Reality TV haters and lovers alike know one thing, Reality TV is not so….realistic.

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