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This leaves a reduced capacity to process access requests for a small number of records, made by the vast majority of applicants.Of the almost 25,000 applications currently being processed, more than 12,700 applications were made by only 4 individuals.The changes came into effect on 25 April 2019, six months from Royal Assent on 25 October 2018.I have made every effort to be as accurate as possible. Specialist National Archives’ staff are delegated under the Archives Act to examine records and make decisions about whether they can be released.When reviewing records for any continuing sensitivities, the Archives examiner takes into account which agency created the record, the circumstances under which the information was created or obtained, and the age of the information.

As at 31 March 2019, only 5,000 applications submitted prior to 1 October remain to be processed, with just over 4,700 unique records still awaiting examination (there are a number of records that have been requested by more than one researcher).To promote objectivity and consistency in decision making, examiners refer to guidelines on the interpretation and application of the Archives Act.While most examination is completed within a month, it may take up to 90 business days and sometimes longer to examine some files.If you find any errors, please CLICK HERE If you would like to provide information on family or leave a query on the Oz Burials Message Board, please click on the link below. Post a Message on the Oz Burials Message Board - Registration is free.

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