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He just called for the first time and left a message asking you to join him Saturday night to catch the latest act at a new club in town. Ten represents an absolute “yes” and one represents “no.” Bring to mind the person you’re dating. Close your eyes and ask your intuition a series of questions about Tom based on the qualities on your list. If there were a few too many that were between 4 and 6, your intuition is giving you a heads up to take it slow and give him a chance to prove himself. It could make the difference between living a major mistake .

Look at your list and think of a scale from one to ten. Repeat this exercise with each of the qualities on your list. If he scored between 7 and 10 for most of the qualities, your intuition is giving you the green light to go ahead. So if you’re thinking that your current companion may be a candidate for a permanent relationship, better ask your intuition before he asks The Big One.

There are signs of cheating that can be really subtle, and if you are in tune with yourself and your relationship, you will notice them on some level.

Whether you are right or wrong, it’s bothering you and you need to bring it up to clear the air.

He has been working in the wellness space for over 25 years, with experience as a yoga teacher, acupunturist, and herbalist.

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How often have you heard someone who just ended a relationship say, “I had a funny feeling about him right from the beginning? Trusting and honoring this inner wisdom is key to staying out of harm’s way, choosing the right person to date, and taking the right steps to create a successful committed relationship.

You can learn about who to avoid, how and when to take the right steps toward love, and also when to say goodbye to a relationship.

That still, quiet, inner voice has a wealth of information to share.

The Intuitive Path to More Love You’ve met a wonderful guy and you’ve been dating for a few months and having a great time.

Chad Herst is the Executive Coach at Herst Wellner, a San Francisco-based wellness center focused on Mind/Body Coaching.

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You don’t want to get your expectations up and be disappointed. Following are some ideas about how you can access and use this valuable resource to help you choose The One. The person who said “A picture is worth a thousand words” could have been speaking about intuition. What would be the best “next step” toward resolving this? When you receive an accurate intuitive impression you’ll know it because you’ll experience an “ah ha! Option 1 — This is “the one.” I want to continue the relationship. Whichever you choose, know this: your intuition doesn’t lie and it doesn’t mislead.

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  1. Doesn't seem like there's much control though since some profiles look to be from prostitutes looking for a short term relationship or advertising other websites in their profiles.