Femdomcam radioactive decay and carbon dating

View our femdom humiliation page – for ideas and techniques These ebony Mistress chat rooms are full of women just like this big boots, holding canes and spitting all over you, sticking the finger up at you and telling you how they will tell your wife everything should you even consider disobeying.

Do as we say, follow instructions and obey your owner at all times slave, these are the rules and they are made simple for little losers like you.

Ready to carry out all types of tasks she deems necessary or she uses her cane to smack you into place, or perhaps she will just blackmail you and take pictures of you for the world to see.

These twisted, manipulative but oh so powerful females, know exactly what buttons to press to get what they want from you, to make you obey their every command, need and want.

We will humiliate, degrade and verbally abuse you, tease and denial, chastity lifestyle, flogging that ass, over the knee spanking then send you off to the gay master cams where proper alpha males can make you their bitch.

Yes, this is the life you gave for yourself now loser.

When you enter our paradise you already know or should know what your place is, you are part of our stable of pets, you have one purpose in life and that is to make your superior owner happy, to beg for things like cock and ball torture, to beg for hard exhausting anal training, to dress up as slutty or as girly as your new owner or Master decides.

Our black Mistresses on Webcam enjoy thrashing their slaves, verbally abusing them as well as tease and denial and keeping them on the edge.If you dare have a hard-on I will punish you so severely you won’t sit for a week.I will force you into sissy clothing and parade you around like the whore you are.They enjoy mind play and have the art of manipulation down to a Tee.A strong black femdom standing over you in powerful latex clothing holding a whip and telling you to bend over and become her bitch, but first she makes you write the words “loser ” on your face as she laughs and spits on you, before taking her left hand across your cheek in a hard-hitting slap.

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