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Los Angeles Center Studios' entire campus is available for filming – in the sounds stages, on the streets, in the offices, and in the dressed sets.

Below are just a few of the films, television shows, and music videos that have happened on site.

With just minutes left the other day on '' Fox NFL Sunday,'' the comedian Wanda Sykes (a guest promoting her Fox sitcom, '' Wanda at Large'') referred to the gay slur that Jeremy Shockey allegedly used to describe Dallas Coach Bill Parcells, then jokingly said that Parcells ''looks a little like a lesbian.'' The program's regulars looked shocked, then reacted with ''oohs!

'' as if they envied Sykes for uttering a Bill Maheresque twist on the slur that Shockey asserts did not come out of his mouth.

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But Sykes knew what she was doing and what network she was on. L.'s celebration before the season opener Sept.

When she witnessed further amazement when she said, in salty terms, that the Giants would beat the Cowboys last night, she said: '' This is Fox! We should all be sitting in a hot tub.'' (Old idea; the XFL used it.)Sykes's remarks might pass for profound commentary in a cigar bar, but they symbolized that in sports television, the sport is frequently not enough; traditional analysis gives way to attempts at humor and reporting cedes time to weather forecasts from a Fox temptress who is also the host of '' Extreme Dating.'' Entire leagues think the games need to be swaddled in the trappings of showbiz. 4 featured Aerosmith and Britney Spears (who then appeared in the opening sequence of ABC's '' Monday Night Football,'' giving Hank Williams Jr. Major League Baseball brought two trailers of interactive equipment to 40 Ozzfest and Lollapalooza concerts this summer to build its younger fan base and to sell apparel to Incubus fans.

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