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The existing characters are changed to fit a more comedic and relaxed storyline.For example, the nerd Kensuke is now a total deviant and pervert. You play as Misato from the popular mecha-anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion!

After all, Gainax is an anime company, so it only makes sense they gave the visuals so much care., a Neon Genesis Evangelion visual novel developed by Gainax. It is impossible to choose your route without using a game guide. The story follows the Evangelion Anime completely until it splits into different routes. This title is alternatively known as “Ikari Shinji Ikusei Keikaku” or “SIRP”. They are called “Thanatos”, “Pathos”, and “Campus”. In other words, getting an ending where you marry your waifu will be incredibly difficult. Regardless of what ending you get, completing the game unlocks a homosexual side story.Especially because most of the game is setting schedules!GRAPHICSThe visuals are a mix of standard anime art and animated 3D models.

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