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A large delegation of international expert faculty members and up to date original scientific and educational programmes ensure that ESICM’s events – including LIVES, Euro Asia and LIVES Forum – are amongst the most respected intensive care meetings in the world.ESICM organises a comprehensive annual awards programme to recognise researchers and promote cutting-edge research related to intensive care medicine. Indeed, the Chinese, for example, divided the sky up into groups different from those familiar to us.’ the same or similar star patterns in the sky.Conversely, the existence of even a few identical constellations suggests that all of mankind was once congregated at one point from which all ethnic groups dispersed.If the biblical story of the dispersion from Babel were true, peoples from Babel would carry common ideas which might survive today in the cultures they founded after the dispersion.From a biblical point of view, therefore, any common denominator among diverse modern cultures is a possible indication that all peoples really did once live at a single place identified in the Bible as Babel.

In fact the constellations have no objective existence.This may be obvious to astronomers and other scientists, but laypeople are often unaware of the fact that ‘The stars of a constellation have no connection one with another apart from the fact that they happen to lie in approximately similar directions as seen from earth.A constellation is therefore an arbitrary or conventional grouping of stars.Indications from science and history that the Bible might be accurate are vigorously denied, particularly for the events in Genesis chapters 1–11.Thus it is claimed that the development of constellation patterns is a kind of convergent cultural evolution that happened spontaneously in many cultures. Aveni, for example, ignores the cross-cultural links between constellations and restricts his focus to the Pleiades, which eases the way to supposing that in a kind of ‘convergent development’, the Pleiades pattern could have arisen spontaneously in many isolated cultures.

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