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Hometown: VIPER, Mason’s Creek (Middle Fork), Perry County, Kentucky, USA.

Great-granddaughter of: Elizabeth Branson and Phillip Whisman Hall.

Cemetery: Englewood Cemetery, Christopher, Perry County, Kentucky.

Date of Birth: 13 July 1916, Perry County, Kentucky.

NOTE: I placed my fourth-cousin-2-times-removed, James Hon Hall on my ~ Combs Collins Sumner Adams Holbrook Caudill Kelley Mullins; Brashear Young Campbell Cornett Woods Dorton Asher Bowling Sizemore ~ Maternal Family Tree, that I created on Ancestry.

Awards: Purple Heart per GO #18 Hq 7 Conv Hospital 26 December 1944.

Hometown: BOWLINGTOWN, Perry County, Kentucky, USA. Date of Birth: 21 January 1923, Perry County, Kentucky.

(1898-1923), who died in a mine accident the year that Pleas, Jr. Step-son of: Walker Abner, who died in 1928, when Pleas, Jr.

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Should you wish to contact any of the cardholders, please send your correspondence, business advertisements, or descriptive literature to the addresses indicated in the roster.

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