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Bass drums include telescopic spurs and matching wood bass drum hoops.

Toms and snare drums feature 1.6mm triple flanged hoops and all Catalina Club drums are equipped with Remo® drum heads.

This web site is purely a Slingerland dedication site about Slingerland history and The Slingerland Radio King.

We have a lot of Slingerland History available for people to learn about Slingerland Drums, Slingerland Badges, Slingerland Hardware and Slingerland Shells.

After WWI live music became popular which spurred forth the modern drum kit of today.

A common question asked is “What is the best drum set brand?

When played continuously they can be used to create rhythmic phrases or time and space in music.From the round “gas cap” bass drum mount plate and Mini GTS mounting system to the reduced-mass tom mount brackets and Gretsch T-Wing screws and bolts, Catalina Club has an incredible drummer-friendly feel.The classic mahogany shells are still built with the same natural shell interior and 30-degree bearing edge that made them famous.” This is a difficult question to answer especially because many brands produce a variety of kits from the very beginner starter set all the way to ultra-custom professional kits.We believe the drummers decide the best overall drum set brands.

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