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We knew that it was often the in-person communication we had that allowed us to get past sticking points we had on our own journeys to becoming successful with women.

So one day while hanging out, Jay blurted, “ We should get the band together again!

It was called “ The Art of the Pickup: Tactics & Techniques” and we got great feedback from guys about how much they've been benefiting from both.

But then we were hanging out one day talking about what we could possibly do to top ourselves to help guys learn like we did. “ What if we could bring together A LOT of these guys WE learned from so that other guys could also learn from them in-person?

Four years ago we produced a video course to teach guys the A-to-Z steps to pickup.

Then two years ago we decided to follow it up and create a video series that would help teach some of what we learned.

His delivery unfazed, his demeanor unchanged, Stephen Nash is able to strike fear into the hearts of opponents through his chill vibe demeanor.” Not just learn from them, but get access to all their best secrets...You see, while we spent over 4 years producing the ultimate video teaching series', we know that there is little substitute for learning from people in-person.Not only that, we decided to do things with THIS seminar which surpass the benefits of any others. We're also offering special access to these guys that you won't get in any other seminar (more on that below).Today, there are countless young boys running around pretending to teach pickup and dating, but unfortunately, not many are qualified to even rent a car, let alone teach YOU how to go about conducting your dating life.

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