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The singing and dancing scenes are totally different than anything I've seen in any other series or movie.The actors sing along with a song as it is playing.And, if you're a David Tennant fan, you'll have to clean the drool off your keyboard. David John Tennant (né Mc Donald; born 18 April 1971) is a Scottish actor.In January 2015, Tennant received the National Television Award for Special Recognition.

Ripley is a slime ball who cheats on his wife and does numerous illegal things so he can achieve his dream of making his newly opened arcade into a casino.

He plays Scottish ()DI Peter Carlisle, investigating the murder of a young man whose body is found in an arcade in Blackpool, England.

While investigating, Carlisle falls in love with Natalie, the wife of his main suspect. Natalie is a very good wife and mother who is taken for granted by her husband, Ripley.

He is best known for his roles as the tenth incarnation of The Doctor in the BBC sci-fi series Doctor Who (2005–2010), Giacomo Casanova in the BBC comedy-drama serial Casanova (2005), Barty Crouch, Jr in the fantasy film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005), DI Alec Hardy in the ITV crime drama series Broadchurch (2013–2017), and Kilgrave in the Netflix superhero series Jessica Jones (2015–2019).

He has also worked as a voice actor and in theatre, including a portrayal of Prince Hamlet in a critically acclaimed 2008 production of Hamlet and as the voice of Scrooge Mc Duck in Duck Tales (2017–present).

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They end up dancing together as they sing in a dream sequence.

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