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It also means offering education that helps youth develop healthy strategies to manage their emotions.

Use the following four steps to bring communication about EDV into classrooms and other educational settings.

Maria said her boyfriend wouldnt let her cut her hair.

He would put her down and call her names so she felt no one else would want her but him.

Many youth fear having their access to technology revoked if they tell a parent or other adult about the abuse.

They worry about having time with their partner limited.

To what extent might EDV be associated with other forms of partner abuse?

EDV can also involve stalking behaviors, such as using apps to monitor someone’s location or mining personal information that is later used in threatening ways. It can happen when a victim is with friends, family or alone. Like teen dating violence, EDV may include psychological and emotional abuse as well as controlling behaviors. It can have both short- and long-term negative effects on the victim.

This might include depression, anxiety and a greater likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors (e.g. Like all kinds of relationship violence, there are some instances where the aggression is mutual—both partners can participate in negative behaviors.

Teens, tweens and even younger kids are on smartphones, tablets and computers a lot. Parents, educators and youth themselves report many benefits from the presence of technology in young people’s lives—connecting with family and friends, sharing experiences with distant peers, learning, being entertained and more. We define electronic dating violence as This might include such things as sending harassing texts (negative, critical, demeaning), or sending high numbers of texts to “check up” on a partner.

Beyond these lies another troublesome area with less data and little recognition by young people themselves: electronic dating violence (EDV).

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These youth were 7 times more likely to have also experienced sexual coercion.

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