Dating the sphinx construction

In 2012 CE, in fact, clerics associated with the taliban called for the destruction of the Sphinx and the pyramids of Giza for this reason.

The Giza plateau in antiquity was vastly different in appearance to how it is in the present day.

Although it has often been measured, described, investigated using the most up-to-date scientific technical means, and discussed at special scientific conferences, fundamental questions remain unanswered: Who built it, when, and why?

(234) There have been many theories put forth in attempts to answer these questions, but few satisfy all three or are universally agreed on.

Amenhotep II (1425-1400 BCE) may have patronized this cult.

He honored the Sphinx with a temple praising Khufu and Khafre, representatives of Horus on earth as many Egyptian kings claimed, but his choice in naming these two strongly suggests he understood a connection between these rulers of the 4th Dynasty and the statue.

It is the very embodiment of antiquity and mystery itself.

The Egyptologist Miroslav Verner comments on the significance of the sculpture writing: The Great Sphinx of Giza is more than simply a symbol of ancient and modern Egypt.

Khafre succeeded Khufu and began his own pyramid complex next to his father's.

The Sphinx is credited to him because the creature's face resembles his as it appears in statuary and because of the way in which the Sphinx seems to have been carved.

While that may be, it is also quite likely that the statue simply reminded Greek writers of their own mythical sphinx, such as the one famous in the story of Oedipus, with the body of a beast and head of a woman.

Greek visitors to the site, scholars such as Verner claim, mistook the During the time of the New Kingdom of Egypt (1570-1069 BCE), the Sphinx was known by the Egyptians as Horemakhet (Horus of the Horizon) and a cult grew up around the statue associating it with the god Horus.

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The statue was never known as 'the sphinx' by the ancient Egyptians.

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