Dating sites for comic book fans

We have build a nearly complete database of anime, manga, and conventions.As you add these to your profile, we use that data to find some of the most compatible fans near you.

With several comic books being adapted into big screen movies, certain superhero characters and villains are subsequently gaining much more worldwide attention, prompting certain fashion and product retailers to outfit their designs with comic book-inspired references.

Pack your cape for adventure; then tour these action-packed, quirky and even educational superhero sights across America. Universal Studio’s Islands of Adventure, Orlando, Fla.

The Florida theme park offers entertainment in superhero proportions at its Marvel Super Hero Island, where thrill-seekers enjoy Marvel Comics-inspired rides, shopping and restaurants amid unique comic book-style architecture.

When you join Mai Otaku (pronounced My Otaku), the first thing to do is list your favorite anime (from our list of all of them) and any conventions you have attended.

We match your list, mixed with your basic stats (birthdate, orientation, location), to find other fans like you who are near you.

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When we review a dating site, we take a lot of factors into consideration.

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