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However, they do still take a trip to Niagara Falls.At Niagara Falls, Bobby surprises Tammy there and they kiss.

After Tammy runs off to the dock on the lake by the house, Lenore follows her with both comfort and some tough love.

To bail out Pearl, Tammy robs a Topper Jack's, where she converses with employees Becky (Sarah Baker) and Larry (Rich Williams).

Finally having obtained the money, she rushes to the prison to bail Pearl out, but Bobby has already bailed her out.

Along the way the two stop in a bar in Louisville, Kentucky, Tammy meets Earl Tillman and his son Bobby, and Earl hooks up with Pearl.

Tammy and Bobby begin to make a love connection as Pearl and Earl drunkenly make out in the car.

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With the help of Pearl's wealthy lesbian cousin Lenore, they destroy the car to hide the evidence from the robbery.

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