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To conserve battery power, it is best to stop the chronograph function when the need for timing is completed.

My second hand ticks back and forth in one spot, but the watch doesn’t run. This may indicate the watch is functioning electronically, but the mechanical portion is not.

The circuit will need to be replaced in conjunction with a routine maintenance. Opening the case presents the possibility of compromising the factory seals, resulting in the need to perform water-resistant maintenance before it is required.

The old adage “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” holds true for battery-operated watches. The most common explanation is that the alarm contact spring is not in the correct position.

In less expensive digital watches, the repair can cost as much as a replacement watch.

If the customer wants the watch repaired, it will need to be sent to the manufacturer’s service center.

The buttons won’t push in or will not return after being pushed in. Push buttons have a stem attached to their underside that moves in and out of a tube, located inside of the watch when depressed.

Remember, even if something major seems off, it’s likely that with a little TLC, your battery-powered timepiece could soon be good as new.

Below are answers to frequent questions about watches with quartz movements. The first step is to see if the battery needs to be replaced.

Other than that, you only need to look at the code on the dial to know.

The last digits of the code are the year of manufacture.

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When the watch is off the wrist and at room temperature, all of the contact points and circuits function properly.

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