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Asking for consent is how you learn about another person’s boundaries, and how you avoid sexually assaulting someone.

It’s not too early to talk about boundaries and consent.

If you’re worried about their involvement with someone older than them, trust your gut.

Ask them what’s going on, and make sure they know they can tell you anything that’s happened to them that makes them feel uncomfortable or unsafe. When it comes to sex and relationships, being able to talk about and respect boundaries is extremely important.

Stay involved by actively listening when your preteen talks about their social life and by asking open ended questions about their friends. And let your preteen know that they can always talk with you about their friends.

The things that happen in these early relationships can feel intense and like the most important events that have ever happened to them.Listen actively and ask them open ended questions about the relationship.Ask to meet their partner and try to get to know them a little.If you don’t want them to date at all until they’re older, have a conversation about what age/maturity level would be OK with you for them to start dating or having a relationship. Just make sure your preteen is involved in setting rules so they feel listened to and on board with everything.They’re more likely to follow the rules if they’ve been part of setting them.

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