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Listen to how well Olga in his video master foreign languages ​​and especially the English language.

As you get closer to the north the beauty characteristics of Slavic women become more Nordic: blond hair, smooth and long, the look with large blue eyes and transparent compared to Moldavian Slavian women closer to Romania.

A characteristic feature of the representatives of Lithuania is the love of sport, an active lifestyle, the journey.

The traditional image is a fragile, feminine blonde with fair skin and blue eyes.

Lithuanians are tactful, tolerant and differ in the finesse of nature.

Many of them are creative women, worshiping music, painting.

The image of women of all ages combines good taste, the ability to wear even simple clothes for design, the ability to choose accessories.

They promote beauty and active sports, a healthy lifestyle, to which beautiful Lithuanians adhere.

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